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How it all began

Hello, Entrepreneurs & Inspiring Entrepreneurs!
My name is Tiffany S.Rucker. I am either Tiffany S.Rucker or TiffanySpeaks2u on all social media platforms. I am a writer, an inspirational speaker, and a mentor and guide for the budding entrepreneur. I started on Periscope about 2years ago and began the journey of Social Media Marketing. I wanted to brand me! I am currently working to release two books before the end of 2017. I have a Facebook Group that I consider my community called LeapersOnlyClub. Wanna know how I leveraged my visibility to open up new opportunities by showing up on Social Media? Let me show how I did this. Be sure to follow me on social media let’s connect! #GoBeGreat
Tiffany S. Rucker 

The Question My Friends Has Always Been: Why?

I recently did a live broadcast asking if you ever stop to think about the why behind your niche. I know my why without any hesitation. I do all things so that God can get the glory from my life. I have never wanted to only beef up my resume, but rather build a legacy for my children’s children, and for the others in the world to be blessed from my works. I am a writer.

Do you need assistance with writing your plan and/or creating your action plan, or would like for someone to teach you to write amazing blog post? I am a writer that has the abilities, the skill set, and the know-how to teach you to be the writer you have always dreamt of being! Connect with me by leaving a brief email of the service you will need.

Tiffany The Educator

Tiffany the Educator Since I was a young girl playing rock teacher on my grandmother’s stairs, I was sure that I was born to teach. I was a natural leader who took charge and stood boldly before the neighborhood children. I was a problem solver and a mentor to all I meet. Not very much has changed over the years except, I preserved to the end and receive an Associate Degree in Child development and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I thought surely I would only be a Type O4 teacher infancy to 3rd grade, but fate would not allow it. I was destined to move forward to tutor and training students from 4th-8th grade, but that not where my story ends! I was laid off in 2008 from my full time teaching position. During my time off, I discovered that I had a great connection with teaching adults to use their computers and how to utilize various Social Media platforms. Everything I knew I taught with ease to adults because I was taught to be patient with my younger student. I will provide you with several easy to access trainings and workshops that come with a certificate at the end of each course. How can I serve you? Let’s connect. I look forward to seeing you in my next webinar!

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